Some of my clients have graciously provided the testimonials below.

“What I like most is her ability to take my concept, no matter how abstract, and convert it into a viable product that addresses my needs and communicates an integrative and cohesive message.”
— T.M., Luzana Naturel

“The world's filled with great designers. Cheryl's not one of them. She's way better. I can't recall the number of times I've relied on her passion for great work to answer the simple question, "We need something special this time, Cheryl. What can that be?" From health care to high tech to higher education, she treats each and every assignment with tremendous care. As a result, clients get stand-out work. And I get the good fortune to ask for something special from Cheryl yet again.”
— T.M., Planetc

“Cheryl has been working with us for many years and has given us exceptional work while always meeting our deadlines. She has demonstrated her dedication on so many occasions where she has worked nights and weekends not only to get the job done but to supersede our expectations. Amazing attention to detail and a great communicator!”
— A.W., Optimal Wellness Center

"Cheryl Stone has been able to take my vision and create on a high level for my Internet web sites.  She is truly gifted in being able to become an artistic conduit."
— K.J., Optimal Wellness Center